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CTA:See Which Colleges Accept CLEP
CTA:Register for a CLEP Exam
CTA:Find a Test Center Near You
This flyer includes information about recently implemented CLEP initiatives to further support students taking CLEP exams.
Designed for faculty, enrollment managers, college advisors, and test center administrators, this publication features the benefits that CLEP offers to students and institutions, and the latest research that confirms the rigor and validity of the CLEP exams.
This brochure provides an overview of CLEP College Composition and College Composition Modular for English faculty.
This 10-page brochure provides information to Spanish speakers on the CLEP Spanish Language exam. Each brochure is in English and in Spanish.
This poster provides a space for individual test center or advisor contact information.
This brochure contains information about exam registration, score reports, brief exam descriptions, exam-taking tips, and contact information.