Resource Center Retirement

Start and Maintain Your CLEP Program Request Form.

Starting June 1, 2024, CLEP educational professionals who need items required for starting and maintaining a CLEP Program that were formerly stored in the Resource Center should complete the Start and Maintain Your CLEP Program Request Form. The form provides guidance for requesting items such as the CLEP Test Center Application, forms to update your institution’s credit policy, contact information, and more. 

CLEP Test Administrator Handbook

Immediate access to the CLEP Test Administrator Handbook is available for Primary Test Center Administrators (PTCAs) and designated Test Center Administrators (TCAs) by logging in to the eLearning platform and following these steps:

  1. Log in to your account on the Test Center Portal at
  2. Access any of the PTCA Learning Modules or the TCA Learning Modules, depending on your role.
  3. Click on the Resources button in the upper-right corner of whichever module you select. You’ll see a dropdown menu from which you may view or download a copy of the current CLEP Test Administrator’s Handbook.

Other Essential Information

Be sure to bookmark the link to the Maintain Your CLEP Program Request Form for future access. Additional information is available in the “Educator” section of and unanswered questions can be directed to [email protected]