Find a Test Center and Schedule Your Test

Once you've registered and paid for your test, it's time to find a test center and schedule your exam. If you've signed up to test with remote proctoring, review What to Expect with Remote Proctoring to schedule your exam.  

Find a CLEP test center near you.


  1. Use the CLEP Test Center Search tool to find a test center.

    You can search by the name of a college if you want to take an exam at that college's test center. You can also search by location to find a test center near you.

  2. Understand the different types of test centers so you can select one that's right for you.

    When a test center appears in your search results, you will see a box containing a label such as Limited, Public, DANTES-Funded, or On Base. Here’s what each of those labels means:

    • Limited: Limited test centers test only those students admitted to or enrolled at that specific institution.
    • Public: Public test centers test any student who registers and pays the administration fee, including military service members.
    • DANTES-Funded: DANTES-funded test centers are college and university test centers that waive their administration fee for eligible service members and civilians whose exam fee is funded by DANTES.
    • On Base: On-base test centers provide testing to eligible service members and civilians who are authorized to enter a military installation.
  3. Contact the test center to schedule your exam.

    The test center's website and phone number will appear along with its name and address in your search results. CLEP exams are not given on specific dates but can be arranged any time, at the discretion of the test center. Test centers typically charge an administration fee, which you can find out from them when you call.

  4. Go to your My CLEP student portal and print your ticket.

    After you've made arrangements with the test center to take your test, log into the My CLEP student portal and print your registration ticket. Write the test center address, contact information, and exam appointment details in the spaces provided on your ticket. Bring this ticket with you on exam day.