Benefits of Opening a Test Center

CLEP helps students earn college credit, advance to more challenging courses, and save money on tuition. When colleges and high schools choose to become test centers, everyone benefits.

Benefits of a Test Center for Colleges


You can influence potential high-achieving students to enroll at your institution. When students come to the test center to take exams you can advertise your policy and let them know you grant credit for their passing score.


An on-campus test center offers your students the convenience of testing in a familiar environment.

Create Space in Introductory Courses

By encouraging students to take CLEP exams and place into high-level courses, you make room for more students to take the introductory courses.

Instant Score Reports

Students can make immediate decisions about subsequent course enrollment. Scores can be sent to the registrar's office electronically.

Benefits of a Test Center for High Schools

A growing number of high schools across the U.S. are becoming CLEP test centers because of the benefits to their students.


Students don't have to worry about locating or getting to the testing site.


Students test in familiar surroundings with people they know.


Students do not need to pay the administration fee that an outside test center would charge them.