How to Open a Test Center

Follow these steps to establish a test center.

Start and Maintain Your CLEP Program Request Form.


  1. Read test center requirements and confirm qualification.

    Read the information and links included on the Test Center Requirements page to confirm that your institution is qualified and ready to administer CLEP exams.

  2. Submit form.

    Select the “Applying to Open a CLEP Test Center” option on the Start and Maintain Your CLEP Program Request Form. (Be sure to watch your email for the online application link.)

  3. Complete and submit the test center application.

    You’ll be emailed a link to complete the online test center application. Before completing the application, identify a Primary Test Center Administrator (PTCA) who will manage the overall testing program at your site. The PTCA should have a bachelor's degree and experience administering standardized tests.

  4. Complete the required documentation.

    If your application meets all of the requirements, your site will be emailed a four-digit test center code along with next steps, including instructions for signing the CLEP iBT Agreement.

  5. Complete test center staff training.

    Once your CLEP iBT Agreement is executed, your PTCA will receive an email with information on accessing the CLEP Test Center (TC) Portal and eLearning application for training and certification of test center staff.

    Note: CLEP doesn't allow students enrolled in undergraduate programs to proctor tests or to be involved with the CLEP exam administration.

  6. Meet testing room staff requirements.

    CLEP requires TCAs and proctors be provided in the following proportions per testing room at each administration:

    • 1–15 candidates require one staff member (one PTCA or TCA).
    • 16–30 candidates require two staff members (one PTCA or TCA and one TCA or proctor).
    • 31–50 candidates require three staff members (one PTCA or TCA and two TCAs or proctors).
    • 51–80 candidates require four staff members (one PTCA or TCA and three TCAs or proctors).
  7. Review technical requirements and complete test center setup.

    Once one TCA completes training, they should certify the test center computers by completing the initial Round Trip. Chapters 2 and 3 of the CLEP Test Administrator’s Handbook outline the instructions. Be sure to work with your site's technical support staff in reviewing the test delivery requirements, test center technical configuration guidelines, and implementation instructions.

  8. Implement CLEP with ETS technical support.

    If you need additional assistance, contact ETS technical support. They can help you to activate your test center for CLEP exam administration. 

  9. Promote CLEP to your students.

    Let your students know about CLEP by downloading or ordering free promotional materials such as posters, brochures, and advising kits.