Test Center Requirements

Learn how to open a CLEP test center in your area.

CLEP welcomes test centers that can meet the following requirements:

  • If housed at an institution of higher education or a secondary school, is accredited by a recognized educational agency or association.
  • If housed at a testing center, business, foundation, or non-profit organization, has a history of providing computer-based testing services and has been accepted by a known computer-based testing organization.
  • Does not currently provide test prep services and does not plan to offer these services in the future.
  • Able to administer a minimum of 50 CLEP exams per year.
  • Has a designated room for testing that can be secured.
  • Able to supply the required equipment, space, and eligible staff for delivering CLEP exams. No minimum number of testing workstations is required.
  • Meet the test delivery requirements for installing the necessary CLEP software and administering CLEP exams.
  • Has a designated professional to administer CLEP exams and maintain test security during CLEP exam administration.
  • Provides dedicated proctoring.
  • Able to start testing within 45 days of setting up the CLEP testing environment.

Staff Qualification Requirements

One of the first steps in organizing a CLEP test center is selecting a Primary Test Center Administrator (PTCA) to manage and administer the overall testing program, although not necessarily to act as an on-site supervisor.

Requirements for PTCAs

  • Must hold a bachelor's degree or have experience with administering standardized exams
  • May not be involved as an instructor or student in any courses, workshops, or tutoring activities that involve content or test questions similar to those in the CLEP exams

Requirements for Test Center Administrators (TCAs) or Proctors

  • Bachelor's degree preferred but not required