CLEP Voucher Ordering Program Overview

The CLEP Voucher Ordering Program allows institutions to purchase vouchers to cover CLEP test fees for groups of students. Vouchers are used as a form of payment when students register for CLEP exams. Organizations that submit voucher orders will be invoiced monthly for the number of CLEP exams taken in the previous month by students who used vouchers.*

*Institutions receiving state funding for vouchers will be billed on a different schedule.

Key Facts:

  • The CLEP Voucher Ordering Program runs from July 1 through June 30 of each school year.
  • Vouchers ordered during the current academic year can only be used during that period. 
  • The CLEP registration fee for the 2023-24 academic year is $93. 
  • The remote proctoring service fee is $30. 
  • Institutions have the option to cover only exam fees or to cover exam and remote proctoring fees with each voucher order.

Students who register with a voucher have six months or until June 30 of the current academic year to take their exams, whichever comes first. Once a voucher is applied during registration, it can’t be reused. Any active registration tickets tied to vouchers will be automatically canceled on July 1 of the following academic year.

Access to CLEP Scores

High schools and school districts that participate in the Voucher Ordering Program will automatically get access to student scores through the K-12 Score Reporting Portal as long as the student used a voucher code purchased by the institution or correctly enters their high school’s College Board code during registration. 

Other institutions that order vouchers can receive student scores by becoming a CLEP Designated Institution (DI) or score recipient. To become a CLEP DI or score recipient, institutions must request a CLEP code, and once approved, will be issued a CLEP code. Students can than opt to have their scores sent to your institution during registration or at a later date.