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What Your CLEP Score Means

How CLEP Exams Are Scored

  • Multiple-choice tests are scored by a computer.
  • Essays written for the College Composition exam are graded by two or more college English professors from two- and four-year institutions. They are carefully selected and trained by the College Board. The essay grade is combined with the multiple-choice score, and the result is reported as a scaled score.
  • Optional essays for CLEP composition and literature exams (American Literature, Analyzing and Interpreting Literature, College Composition Modular, and English Literature) are evaluated and graded by the colleges that require them, instead of the College Board. A copy of the essay and the score report of the multiple-choice section will be sent to your designated institutions.

Access College Composition Scoring and Mailing Dates.

Computing Scores

On CLEP tests, you receive one point for each correct answer. Points aren't deducted for wrong or skipped answers. This means that you should do your best to answer each question on a CLEP exam.

What Your Score Means

The total score on your score report is based on two calculations:

  1. Your “raw score” is the number of questions you answered correctly. Your raw score increases by one point for each question answered correctly and no points are gained or lost when a question is not answered or is answered incorrectly.
  2. Your raw score is converted into a “scaled score” by a statistical process called equating. Equating maintains the consistency of standards for test scores over time by adjusting for slight differences in difficulty between test forms. This ensures that your score does not depend on the specific test form you took or how well others did on the same form. Your raw score is converted to a scaled score that ranges from 20 to 80. The final scaled score is the score that appears on your score report. The score scale is defined so that a CLEP score of 50 is the recommended lowest score for which course credit should be granted. Your score report shows the total scaled score for each exam you took.

Receiving Your Scores

You will receive your score report instantly, except if you took the College Composition with Essay exam. It takes three to four weeks to deliver a score report for this exam.

Sending CLEP Transcripts to Your Colleges or Employer

When you register for a CLEP exam in My Account you can indicate which college, employer, or certifying agency that you want to receive your CLEP test scores. There's no cost for the first transcript request—your exam fee covers it. If you haven't decided which institution to send scores to by the time you take the test, leave that part blank.

If you did not indicate a score recipient institution at the time of your exam and you want to request your CLEP scores, you can do so by ordering a CLEP Transcript (.pdf/480 KB). This cumulative transcript covers all the CLEP exams you've taken and the scores you earned in the last 20 years. Please note that acceptable forms of payment for transcript orders are debit or credit card ONLY. Cash is not accepted.

Obtaining Transcripts for Military Personnel

A military transcript will include all scores for CLEP computer-based exams taken by service members at DANTES military test centers after January 1, 2004. To obtain a CLEP transcript, military personnel must order a Military CLEP Transcript (.pdf/184 KB).

Canceling Scores

Select the cancel scores option at the end of the exam if you do not want your exam to be reported.

  • There's no way to cancel your scores once you've seen your instant score report.
  • There is no way to retrieve your score once you've cancel it.