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What Your CLEP Score Means

How CLEP Exams Are Scored

  • Multiple-choice tests are scored by a computer.
  • Essays written for the College Composition exam are graded by two or more college English professors. The essay grade is combined with the multiple-choice score, and the result is reported as a scaled score.
  • Essays written for the Spanish with Writing exam are graded by two or more college Spanish professors. The essay grade is combined with the multiple-choice score, and the result is reported as a scaled score.. 

Access College Composition Scoring and Mailing Dates.

Computing Scores

On CLEP exams, you receive one point for each correct answer. Points aren't deducted for wrong or skipped answers. This means that you should do your best to answer each question on a CLEP exam.

What Your Score Means

The total score on your score report is based on two calculations:

  1. Your "raw score" is the number of questions you answered correctly. Your raw score increases by one point for each question answered correctly.
  2. Your raw score is then converted to a scaled score that ranges from 20 to 80, and this is the score that appears on your score report. The American Council on Education (ACE) recommends that colleges grant credit for a score of 50 or higher, but individual institutions can set their own CLEP credit policies.

Credit-Granting Score

Most colleges publish the required scores for earning CLEP credit on their websites or in a course catalog. The required score for earning CLEP credit may vary from exam to exam. Contact your institution to find out the minimum qualifying score for each exam.

Getting Your Scores

You will receive an unofficial score report immediately at the test center, except if you took the College Composition exam. It takes 2–3 weeks to deliver a score report for this exam.

You can also view your scores online by logging into the CLEP My Account portal with the same account you used to register for the exam. Once logged in, go to the My CLEP Exam Scores page to view your scores.

Scores are available online one business day following your exam. College Composition exam scores are available 2–3 weeks after testing.

Important Notes About Viewing Scores Online:

  • Exams taken prior to September 2013 may not appear in My Account.
  • Scores for cancelled exams or exams taken more than 20 years ago won't be displayed.
  • If you registered for one or more of your CLEP exams using a different account, those exams may not appear in the list. For information about those exams, please call CLEP Services at 1-800-257-9558.
  • If your exam was DANTES-funded, you will be able to see your score, but you won’t be able to include it on your transcript order through My Account. To order transcripts for DANTES-funded CLEP exams, you must order a military transcript online using the Parchment Transcript Ordering Service.

Sending Your Scores

All CLEP exam registrations come with one free score send, which must be used when you register. If you don’t select an institution to receive your score during registration or you wish to send your scores to additional institutions, you can request official CLEP transcripts for exams for a fee. 

Visit the CLEP Transcripts page for more information.

Canceling Scores

Select the cancel scores option at the end of the exam if you don't want your exam to be reported.

  • There's no way to cancel your scores once you've seen your instant score report.
  • There's no way to retrieve your score once you've canceled it.