Distribute and Pay for Vouchers

Once you've downloaded your voucher codes, review the information below to distribute and pay for them. 


  1. Distribute the voucher codes to students who are planning to take a CLEP exam.

    Test takers use the codes to pay for CLEP exams when they register online. After checkout, test takers receive a registration ticket that is valid for six months and can be used to test at your school or at any other CLEP test center.


    How to Register

    View credit-granting scores and semester hours recommended by the American Council on Education (ACE).

  2. Make sure your information is accurate before exam day.

    Before administering CLEP to your students, it's important to make sure your information is up-to-date.

    First, review your organization's profile to ensure your CLEP coordinator and billing information is accurate. Review full details by going to the Your Organization Profile card on the Summary tab and click on View/Edit Profile. Click Edit to make any changes and then Save.

    In addition to reviewing Your Organization Profile, you can also update the purchase order number after an order has been placed. Go to the Order History tab and then click the arrow on the right side of the table to view the Order Summary of the order you'd like to update. Click Edit Order and scroll down to the purchase order number field to enter or update the information. Click Continue to review your updates and then Continue again to land on the Updated Order Confirmation page. When you return to the Order History tab, you'll see the purchase order number listed in the Order Summary. 

  3. Pay for vouchers after you receive an invoice for exams taken.

    Purchasing institutions (except Michigan high schools) are invoiced each month for exams taken during the previous month. Michigan high schools will be invoiced twice per year after the fall and spring semesters.