How to Place a Voucher Order

Follow the steps below to order and download your vouchers on the My CLEP Professional Portal or use the How to Place a Voucher Order reference guide.



  1. Start an order from the My CLEP dashboard.

    You’ll then be taken to the Order Introduction page displaying the cost of each voucher for the current academic year and the name of the organization you’re ordering for.

  2. Enter your order details.

    From the Introduction page, you’ll be directed to the Order Details page where we’ll ask the following:

    • Will these vouchers cover remote proctoring fees?
    • When should the vouchers expire?
    • How many vouchers are you ordering?
    • What is your purchase order or billing reference number?
  3. Review your order.

    Once you’ve completed the required information, click Continue to review your order. If everything looks correct, you can proceed to the Order Terms and Conditions, which you’ll need to accept each time you place an order. If you've made edits to your order, go back to the previous page to make changes.

  4. Submit your order.

    After accepting the Order Terms and Conditions, you’ll be taken to a confirmation page showing your order details and an Order ID. You’ll also receive an email with this information.

  5. Download your vouchers.

    Voucher codes can be accessed through the My CLEP Professional Portal Order History page within minutes of your order being received.


    • On the Order History page, you’ll see a table listing the orders you’ve placed during the current academic year.
    • Within each table row, there will be an Order Date and Order Status of ‘Generating Vouchers’ or ‘Fulfilled’ along with the number of vouchers ordered.
    • Click on the arrow on the right side of the table to view a full summary of an order.
    • If the Order Status is Fulfilled, a Download Vouchers link will appear in the summary. Click on this link to download a csv file that will include a list of your voucher codes.