Important Ordering Reminders

Please make sure to review the following information before placing a voucher order for your organization.

Remote Proctoring Fees: If you select Yes to have your vouchers cover remote proctoring fees, you’ll be invoiced for both the exam fee and the $30 remote proctoring fee if your student uses the voucher to register for and complete an exam with remote proctoring.

In addition, if the remote proctoring fee is included in an order, all vouchers generated from that order will cover the remote proctoring fee. If you only want a small number of vouchers to cover the remote proctoring fee and the remaining vouchers to only be used for testing at a test center, you can either place a separate order for vouchers with remote proctoring and another order for vouchers for test center testing or place one order for vouchers with remote proctoring and advise students to either register for remote or in-person testing. 

Expiration Date: Vouchers will have a default expiration date of June 30 of the current academic year. You’re able to select an earlier expiration date but not a later one. For vouchers to be used after June 30, you can place an order starting July 1 of the following academic year.

In addition, registration tickets will expire either 6 months from the registration date or by June 30 of the current academic year, whichever comes first. Any registration tickets that used a voucher and are still active on June 30 will be automatically canceled. Customers will not be invoiced for canceled registration tickets.

Voucher Quantity: In the new Portal, organizations can order up to 10,000 vouchers per order.

Purchase Order or Billing Reference Number: The purchase order or billing reference number is an optional field. However, for CLEP to issue an accurate invoice and avoid potential billing issues, it’s critical that organizations provide the purchase order or billing reference number before students begin testing.