How to Register

Follow the steps below to register for a CLEP exam and start earning college credit.

Select your CLEP exam to begin registration.


  1. Select an exam.

    Visit the CLEP exam topics page and choose the exam you want to take. Go to the page for that exam to see what the exam covers, what it costs, and resources to help you prepare for it.

  2. Add the exam to your cart.

    From the exam page, use the Add to Cart button to put the exam in your shopping cart.

  3. Sign in to your CLEP account.

    To continue the checkout process, you will be asked to sign in to your account. If you don’t have one, you should sign up for a new account.

  4. Review your personal information.

    Enter your address and contact information. Make sure they're correct. You will also need to answer personal detail questions.

  5. Select a preferred test center.

    You can choose to take your exam at a physical test center or with remote proctoring. Once registration is complete, you must schedule your exam.

  6. Choose where you'd like to send your scores.

    Next, select the institution where you'd like to send your one free score send. If you'd like to send scores to more than one institution after exam day, you must pay a $20 fee per institution.

  7. Review your order and check out.

    If you have a promo code or voucher, enter it in this step. Review the refund policy and information related to accommodations. Then, click Place Your Order.

  8. Schedule your exam.

    If testing at a test center, use the test center search tool to find a test center and contact that center to schedule your exam. If testing with remote proctoring, go to the Proctortrack website, set up an account, and schedule your exam.

  9. Request a name change.

    If you need to make any changes to your name after registering for a CLEP exam, you’ll need to submit a Name Change Request form.