How to Register

Follow the steps below to register for a CLEP exam and start earning college credit.

Select your CLEP exam to begin registration.


  1. Choose an Exam

    Visit the CLEP exam topics page and choose the exam you want to take. Go to the page for that exam to see what the exam covers, what it costs, and resources to help you prepare for it. (If you’re familiar with several exam topics and having trouble deciding, no worries, multiple exams can be purchased during the same transaction.)

    Click the Register button, once you’ve decided on an exam

  2. Sign in to My CLEP

    To continue the registration process, you’ll be asked to sign in to My CLEP student portal using your College Board account. If you don’t have one, you should sign up for a new account.

    Please note: College Board has updated all student accounts, including My CLEP student portal. If you didn’t sign in to your account and verify your email before March 23, 2023, and you haven’t already done so, you’ll have to create a new account to access your saved information (your personal profile, test scores, etc.).

    Need help with your College Board account? Contact Customer Service using our online form or by calling 866-315-6068.

  3. Review Personal Information

    • Review your address and contact information verifying that all information is correct.  
    • If eligible for DANTES military funding, complete the requested information.
    • Optional Demographics questions are available.
  4. Make Your Exam Selection

    • You must first agree to the Terms and Conditions. 
    • Answer the "About Your Registration" question. Answer “Yes” and enter your voucher code if paying with a voucher and “No” if paying with a credit card or are DANTES eligible.
    • Select the exam. You’re only able to select one exam subject at a time, but you’ll be given the opportunity to register for another exam prior to check out.
    • Select a preferred testing location. You can choose to take your exam at a physical test center or with remote proctoring. Once registration is complete, you must schedule your exam directly with your test center or our remote proctoring vendor.
    • Practice before your exam. You have the option to purchase an examination guide.
  5. Send Your Score

    • During registration and prior to testing, you may select up to 2 institutions to have your score sent to for free. 
    • After you’ve taken your exam, you must pay a fee to send your transcript (score) to any institution.
  6. Check Out

    • Complete required fields prior to reviewing, confirming, and submitting payment.
    • If you have a voucher code, your exam fee will be covered, but you'll need to enter payment information if you’re purchasing an examination guide, or you selected to test using remote proctoring.
    • If you're a DANTES-funded test taker, you'll see the price has been adjusted to $0.00.
  7. Schedule Your Exam

    If testing at a test center, use the test center search tool to find a test center and contact that center to schedule your exam. If testing with remote proctoring, go to the Proctortrack website, set up an account, and schedule your exam.


    Find a Test Center and Schedule Your Test

    Use this resource to find a CLEP test center near you.

  8. Request a name change.

    If you need to make any changes to your name after registering for a CLEP exam, you’ll need to submit a Name Change Request form.