CLEP Exam Eligibility Requirements

If you’re interested in earning college credit while saving time and money, CLEP exams may be right for you.

Everyone is welcome to take a CLEP exam at any CLEP test center, including high school students, college students, adult learners, military service members and veterans, and professionals seeking continuing education credits.

Students interested in taking a CLEP exam with remote proctoring must be either:

  • 13 years old or older
  • Located in the U.S. (excludes U.S. territories) or be DANTES-funded

CLEP is for Everyone

Who Can't Take a CLEP Exam

Anyone involved in the creation of CLEP test preparation materials is prohibited from taking a CLEP exam. This includes:

  • Individuals involved in the development or delivery of courses, workshops, or tutoring activities (public or private, paid or volunteer) which involves preparing candidates for CLEP exams, or for any other exams administered for the same purpose as CLEP exams.
  • High school teachers involved in any CLEP-related instruction, preparation, or test administration activities.

In addition, anyone who takes a CLEP exam is prohibited from CLEP-related activities such as instruction, preparation, or administration for at least one year following the exam date. Anyone who violates this policy will be permanently banned from all future CLEP testing.