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CLEP Digital Toolkit

Use the materials in this digital toolkit to inform colleagues, students, and parents about CLEP exams. CLEP exams help students get college credit for what they already know for a fraction of the cost of a college course. The program offers a flexible way for students to save time and money while they earn credit toward their degree.

Resources for Educators

Download the resources below to guide your conversations with students about CLEP.

Resources to Share with Students

Download the materials below, or order free copies from our store. These flyers, brochures, and posters will encourage students to learn more about CLEP exams.

  • CLEP and Modern States Flyer
    Description: Provides info on how students free online CLEP courses through Modern States and how to earn CLEP credit.
  • CLEP Poster (.pdf/872 KB)
    Hang this poster at your local test center, student services office, or other areas around campus to get the word out about CLEP exams.

Customizable CLEP Policy Flyer

This flyer includes spaces where you can enter information about testing fees and the number of credits your institution grants for different CLEP exams. Download and start creating your flyer (.pdf/698 KB).

Important notes for customization:

  • Use Adobe Acrobat 6.x or later to view the flyer.
  • To add a logo:
  1. Use the following file formats: .jpeg, .gif, or.tiff.
  2. Click on “Insert Institution Logo”.
  3. Go to "Tools" and “Edit Text & Images.”.
  4. Click on “Add Image.”
  5. Select the image you want to add. You will then be able to resize the image as necessary and place it where you’d like. The blue box surrounding the image will not be visible when printed.
  6. Unclick “Outline Text & Images” if a box appears around the logo image.
  • To Print Double-Sided and Right-Side Up
    • Ensure that the printer is set to print on both sides of paper.
    • Make sure it’s set to “flip on long edge”.

Promote CLEP on Your Website and on Social Media

Banner Ads

Download these banner ads to promote CLEP on your institution’s website

Social Media Outreach

If your institution has social media accounts that are followed by students and parents, here are some sample messages you can customize and share to let them know about the benefits of CLEP exams:

  • CLEP exams are a low-risk way to earn college credit. They take just 90 to120 minutes. There's no penalty if you don’t pass.
  • Save time and money in college. With CLEP exams, show what you’ve learned in school or work and earn credit.
  • Active military? CLEP exams are a low-risk way to earn college credit. CLEP is free while you’re active military.
  • CLEP exams help you earn college credit for what you already know at a fraction of the cost.
  • With exams in history, literature, science, math, languages, and more, CLEP can help you earn college credit.
  • Whether you're in high school, college, or going back to school, you can use CLEP exams to earn college credit.
  • By receiving a qualifying score on CLEP exams, you can earn college credit, save money on tuition, and enter advanced courses sooner.
  • CLEP exams help students earn college credit for what they already know.
  • CLEP can help students of all backgrounds save time and money on their college journey.

CLEP Online Training Sessions

CLEP has lined up a series of exciting free webinars designed for advisors, faculty, admission officers and testing center professionals. Visit the CLEP Webinars page to view dates and times of upcoming live sessions and to sign up.

CLEP for Advisors

This session will focus on how to best utilize CLEP when advising college and university students. Discover ways to identify test takers, resources to promote CLEP on campus, and ways for students to prepare for their CLEP exam. 

Implementing CLEP in High Schools

Learn about the promising practices districts are using to provide students the opportunity to earn college credit through CLEP. This session will provide information on the latest data, resources for students and educators, and the process of purchasing CLEP vouchers. 

CLEP & Military Service Members

This session will highlight best practices for using CLEP when advising military service members. Explore ways to identify test takers, resources to promote CLEP on campus, and ways for students to prepare for their CLEP exam.