How to Promote CLEP to Incoming Students

Follow these steps to promote your CLEP program before and during new student orientation.

Get free materials to promote CLEP.


  1. Make CLEP part of your recruitment strategy.

    Encourage recruiters to share information about your CLEP policy while visiting high schools or hosting on-campus open houses.

  2. Incorporate CLEP into new student mailings.

    Include a copy of your institution's CLEP policy in the admission and orientation mailings to admitted applicants.

  3. Inform key departments about your college’s CLEP strategy.

    Make sure academic departments, academic support services, and financial aid are aware of CLEP's benefits, so that they can advise incoming students. Schedule meetings or presentations with staff and/or distribute handouts.

  4. Take advantage of free promotional materials to inform students.

    Include CLEP information in your orientation packets. Order the Information for Test Takers bulletin and download other CLEP materials.


    Free Promotional Materials

    We'll ship these free promotional materials directly to your school to help you teach your students about the benefits of CLEP.

  5. Encourage testing during orientation.

    If you have a test center, set up special testing times for students during orientation week.

  6. Show off your test center.

    Feature your test center on campus tours and on your orientation website.

  7. Find a test center near you.

    Use the test center search tool to find a test center that is closest to your campus. You can also open your own CLEP test center on campus.