Why Colleges Should Offer CLEP Exams at Orientation

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CLEP Allows Capable Students to Move into Advanced Courses Sooner

CLEP offers your students an academic head start. By earning credit through any of 34 exams during orientation, capable students can satisfy their introductory requirements and move into upper-level coursework.

CLEP Seals the Deal for Incoming Students

According to a College Board survey of CLEP candidates, 62% of students not currently enrolled say that the CLEP policies of the institutions they were considering would affect their decision to enroll.

CLEP Increases Access for Other Entering Students

CLEP maximizes enrollment by allowing students to advance to more challenging courses, opening availability in introductory courses.

CLEP Encourages Greater Student Persistence Toward a Degree

Access the Academic Success in Higher Education brochure to find more data on how CLEP helps students succeed.

CLEP Helps Students Move Ahead Right from the Start

A study conducted by The Council for Adult & Experiential Learning (Fueling the Race to Postsecondary Success) indicates that students who took CLEP exams to earn bachelor's degrees saved between 2.5 and 10.1 months of time in earning their degrees, compared to students who did not take prior learning assessments like CLEP.