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Let Staff and Students Know About Your CLEP Policy

Communicating key policy information to students and staff is an important part of building and maintaining a successful CLEP program on your campus:

  • Faculty and advisors need to become familiar with your policy in order to effectively advise students.
  • Students need to know which exams they can take and how much credit your institution will grant for credit-by-examination.

Make sure staff and students know the answers to the following questions:

  • Which CLEP exams are accepted by your institution?
  • Is CLEP credit granted for specific courses?
  • How much credit is granted for each exam, and what is the required score?
  • Is there a limit on the amount of credit that can be granted?
  • Are there any departmental requirements for earning credit in addition to the CLEP exam? (Examples include an essay, lab, or oral exam.)
  • What is your institution's policy regarding prior course work in the exam subject?

Ideas for posting your CLEP policy:

  • Include it in your college catalog under the heading Credit-by-Examination, Advanced Standing, Advanced Placement, or External Degree Program.
  • Post it on your website. For ideas about how to structure the CLEP web page on your site, visit some pages that test centers at other institutions have created:
  • Make and distribute a policy brochure. You may use our customizable college policy brochure (.pdf/698 KB) to create a flyer for students. Distribute the flyers through your campus testing office, counseling center, admissions office, and registrar's office.