Practice for the Exam

Your knowledge of the subject matter will be the foundation of your success, but practice with actual test questions will increase your speed, confidence, and accuracy. Follow the steps below to learn how to access online study courses, guides, and other resources to help you prepare for the exam.


  1. Review the exam description.

    Read the exam description carefully to understand what topics will be covered on it as well as how much time is allotted for the test as a whole and for each subsection. This will help you know what to expect when you’re taking the test.

  2. Become familiar with the sample questions provided on the exam page.

    You can find these questions in the free Resource Guide and Sample Questions PDF at the bottom of each Exam Topic page. These contain a fairly limited selection of questions with no explanation for the correct answers.

    For additional practice on our CLEP exam topics, use the links located at the bottom of the page to purchase Official CLEP eguides or the CLEP Official App eguides for practice on your mobile device. Both the eguide and the eguide app contain many practice questions per exam topic purchased; however, both contain the same questions, so you only need to purchase one.

  3. Review test-taking tips.

    Read this page for general advice and test-taking tips on multiple choice and essay questions for your CLEP exam.


    Test-Taking Tips

    Advice and test-taking tips on multiple-choice and essay questions for your CLEP exam.

  4. Purchase official practice resources.

    Buy the CLEP Official eguide for additional practice questions and tips, or buy the Official CLEP eguide App from examIam so you can practice for the exam on your mobile device--see following links. The resources are also available at the bottom of each Exam Topic page. (The official eguide and official eguide app contain the same exam topic questions, so purchasing from both is not recommended.)


    Warning About Third-Party Study Materials

    Things to be aware of when purchasing test prep materials from other sources.