Warning About Third-Party Study Materials

While the CLEP development team does recommend some third-party websites and courses, you should exercise caution particularly with companies that ask you to pay for test prep services.

Investigate Test Preparation Companies

Many private companies offer preparation service for CLEP exams. Some are legitimate, but others make promises they can’t keep and sell services and products that you don't need. You should investigate test preparation companies thoroughly before making a purchase.

Look for Warning Signs

We have received complaints from students regarding the following practices, which we consider to be unfair or inappropriate:

  • Attempts to sell preparation services for many CLEP exams at once, with sizable payment up front or on credit
  • Credit agreements with a company other than the one selling the preparation materials
  • Salespeople contacting you or your family at home
  • Promises that you can receive college credit without enrolling in college
  • Efforts to sell you dictionaries or encyclopedias as part of the test preparation packages

If you believe you have been cheated or sold fraudulent materials, we recommend seeking the assistance of an organization such as the Better Business Bureau or the Federal Trade Commission.