How do I register for a CLEP test with remote proctoring?

Follow the steps provided on the Registering for a CLEP Exam with Remote Proctoring page.

  • Before registering for an exam with remote proctoring, make sure your equipment meets the requirements needed to test at home. 
  • Then sign in to the My CLEP student portal with your College Board account. Once logged in, click on the "Register for a CLEP Exam" button. 
  • During registration, you'll need to select the remote proctoring option and agree to the remote proctoring requirements. At checkout, you’ll be charged the CLEP exam fee and a $30 remote proctoring fee. You’ll then receive an email from CLEP with instructions on how to schedule your exam on the Proctortrack website. Your registration won’t be complete until you've scheduled your appointment with Proctortrack.

NOTE: One rescheduled appointment is allowed at no additional charge. You'll be charged a $10 rescheduling fee for any additional rescheduled appointments.



CLEP Remote Proctoring Requirements

Review the detailed list of equipment and environment requirements for taking a CLEP exam with remote proctoring.