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Become a Test Center

Follow the steps below to establish a test center on your campus. If you have questions or concerns at any point during the process, please contact us at 800-257-9558, 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. ET, or [email protected].

Step 1: Request a Username and Password to the CLEP Resource Center

As part of the application process, you'll need to access password-protected forms and documents in the CLEP Resource Center. To request a username and password, send an email to [email protected]; include "CLEP Resource Center password for TC application" in the subject line. Once you have received your log-in information, you can access the forms and documents through the links below.

Step 2: Complete and Submit an Online Application

Before filling out an application, you must first identify a Primary Test Center Administrator (PTCA) for your testing location. The PTCA actively manages the overall testing program and procedures, although not necessarily acting as an on-site supervisor or administering the exams. The PTCA should have a bachelor's degree and experience administering standardized tests.

After identifying the PTCA, complete and submit the test center application.

Step 3: Complete the Required Documentation

If your application meets all of the requirements, your site will be assigned a four-digit test center code, which will be emailed to you along with instructions for completing the following additional documentation. Please keep a paper copy of all documents for your records.

Return the documents listed below by email, as indicated in the document instructions.

Print, fill out, and email the CLEP Agreement and the Test Center Security Compliance Checklist documents, with the appropriate signatures. You must log into the password-protected CLEP Resource Center to access both documents.

Step 4: Schedule Test Center CLEP Implementation

Once CLEP receives the documents described above you will receive an email requesting completion of an online form to specify PTCA contact information and selection of your test center's CLEP implementation date.

Step 5: Train Your Test Center Staff

A few weeks prior to your test center’s CLEP implementation date, your Primary TCA will receive an email with information and instructions on accessing the online CLEP eLearning System for training and certification of test center staff. When all TCAs at your test center have completed their eLearning certification, your site will be ready to move forward to the certification process for your computers.

Note: CLEP does not allow students enrolled in undergraduate programs to proctor tests or to be involved with the CLEP exam administration in any way.

Step 6: Review Technical Requirements

When at least one TCA at your test center has been certified in eLearning, you will receive an email containing your credentials for the CLEP application and instruction on how to access the software package. It is a good idea to work with your site technical support staff in reviewing the test delivery requirements, test center technical configuration guidelines, and implementation instructions.

Step 7: Implement CLEP

On the date confirmed for your test center’s implementation and activation, follow the steps outlined in communications from ETS for downloading and executing the package. Work with ETS Technical Support as needed. Upon completion of the installation of all test center components, run the Round Trip and demo tests as described in the handbook. Contact ETS Technical Support to activate your test center for CLEP exam administration.

Step 8: Promote CLEP to Your Students

Let your students know about CLEP by downloading or ordering free promotional materials such as posters, brochures, and advising kits.