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Students can find CLEP credit policies for colleges and universities using the CLEP credit policy search tool.

Tens of thousands of students visit the CLEP website each month to see which colleges and universities grant CLEP credit. To ensure students have the most accurate information for your institution, help us keep your policy up to date.

Adding Your Institution's Policy to the CLEP Website

To share your CLEP credit policy with students, follow the steps below.

  1. Assign a staff member to oversee your CLEP credit policy. Each institution must have a point of contact who is responsible for keeping your policy current.

  2. Get a CLEP institution code. A CLEP code allows colleges, universities, and other organizations to receive official CLEP scores. When students register for a CLEP exam, they can designate your institution to receive their scores. If your institution already administers CLEP exams, your CLEP test center code is the same code used for receiving scores.

    To request a code, email [email protected] with CLEP Code Request in the subject line and include the following:

    • Contact Name
    • Title
    • Email Address
    • Phone number (with extension)
    • Full Institution Address (where scores need to be sent)
    • Type of Institution (college/university, high school, military, government agency, prison/hospital, business, foundation, other)
    • If a college or university, also specify public or private
  3. Get access to the CLEP Resource Center. The CLEP Resource Center is a password-protected website with resources for professionals interested in administering CLEP and/or developing a CLEP credit policy. If you don't have access yet, email [email protected] with CLEP Resource Center Access Request in the subject line; include your name, institution, title, and email address.

  4. Submit a CLEP College Credit Policy Form. Once logged in to the Resource Center, click on Forms and then College Credit Policy Form. Enter all required information, including your CLEP institution code. Enter the required score and number of credits awarded for each subject. If you don't award credit for an exam, type "0" in the "Minimum Required Score" and "Credit Hours Granted" fields.

  5. Your CLEP credit policy is published! Please allow 2 weeks for the policy to be posted on the CLEP website.

Updating Your Policy on the CLEP Website

To update your institution's CLEP credit policy, log in to the CLEP Resource Center and go to the College Credit Policy Form.

NOTE: To update your policy, only enter the information that has changed.

For example, if your institution has changed the number of credits awarded for the American Literature exam from 3 to 6, simply go to the American Literature exam row and enter "6" in the Credit Hours Awarded column.

If you have discontinued granting credit for an exam, please enter "0" in the "Credit Hours Granted" column for that exam.

For questions regarding the College Credit Policy Form, email [email protected].