Study Resources: Spanish Language

A study plan and list of online resources for the Spanish Language exams.

Spanish Language: Levels 1 and 2 Exam

Besides studying basic vocabulary, you should understand and be able to apply the grammatical principles that make up the language. To improve your reading comprehension, read passages from textbooks, short magazine or newspaper articles, or other Spanish-language materials of your choice. To improve your listening comprehension, look for opportunities to hear the language spoken by native speakers and to converse with native speakers. If you have opportunities to join organizations with Spanish-speaking members, to attend Spanish movies, or to listen to Spanish-language television or radio broadcasts, take advantage of them.

Online Resources

These resources, compiled by the CLEP test development committee and staff members, may help you study for your exam. However, none of these sources are designed specifically to provide preparation for a CLEP exam. College Board has no control over their content and can't vouch for their accuracy.