Sample Questions: College Algebra

Learn more about the College Algebra exam.

The following College Algebra sample questions aren't used in actual CLEP exams and aren't presented here as they will be on the test. Use them to get a sense of question format and difficulty level.


An online scientific calculator will be available for the questions on this exam.

Some questions will require you to select from among five choices. For these questions, select the BEST of the choices given.

Some questions will require you to type a numerical answer in the box provided.

Some questions will require you to select one or more answer choices.


1. What is the remainder when the polynomial x53-12x40-3x27-5x21+x10-3 is divided by x+1?

A. –21
B. –7
C. –3
D. 4

2. Let ab and c be real numbers, where a0. If the equation ax2+bx+c=0 has two real solutions, which of the following statements could be true?

Indicate all such statements.

A. a>0b>0 and c<0
B. b=±ac
C. ac<0

3. The table shows some values of the functions f and g. Based on the table, what is the value of g(f(2))?


x fx gx
0 9 1
1 2 5
2 1 2
3 3 8

A. 0
B. 3
C. 5
D. 8
E. 9


B, A and C, C

For more sample questions and information about the exam, download the College Algebra guide from the resources section below.