Set Up Your Organization’s CLEP Profile to Order Vouchers

To place CLEP voucher orders in the My CLEP Professional Portal, you’ll need to provide information about your organization by setting up an organization profile.

A profile must be completed before you can access the full Professional Portal site. If someone at your organization has already completed this step, you’ll be taken directly to your organization’s dashboard after logging in.

Identify a CLEP Coordinator and an Alternate Contact

On the profile page, you must identify a CLEP coordinator for your organization. The CLEP coordinator is your organization’s primary CLEP contact for ordering and managing vouchers. We’ll also need principal information or an alternate coordinator as a backup contact in case we can’t get in touch with the CLEP coordinator.

Provide a Billing Contact

Lastly, you’ll be required to enter a billing contact name, phone number, and an email address. If the CLEP Coordinator is the Billing Contact, you can check the ‘Same as Coordinator’ box.

Any invoices for exams taken by students who used your organization’s vouchers will be emailed to the billing contact listed on your organization’s profile.

After you complete all required information and save your profile, you’ll be taken to the My CLEP dashboard where you can start ordering vouchers.