Are there any restrictions on who can take CLEP exams?

Anyone involved in the creation of CLEP test preparation materials is prohibited from taking a CLEP exam. Additionally, individuals involved in the development or delivery of courses, workshops, or tutoring activities, whether public or private, whether paid or volunteer, which involve preparing candidates for CLEP exams, or for any other exams administered for the same purpose as CLEP exams, are prohibited from taking CLEP exams. Anyone who takes a CLEP exam is prohibited from engaging in any of these activities for at least one year following the exam date. Anyone violating this policy will be permanently banned from all future CLEP testing.

High school teachers are permitted to take CLEP exams in pursuit of college credit for their own educational or professional advancement. However, high school teachers who are involved in any way in CLEP-related instruction, preparation, or test administration activities may not take a CLEP exam. Additionally, high school teachers who have taken a CLEP exam must wait at least one year following the exam date before engaging in any of these activities.

To be eligible for taking a CLEP exam with remote proctoring, test takers must be:

  • 13 years old or older and reside in the U.S., or
  • DANTES-funded*

*All DANTES-funded test takers are eligible to register now for CLEP exams with remote proctoring. However, DANTES-funded candidates won’t be able to schedule their CLEP exam until mid-May. If you're a DANTES-funded candidate who needs to test before mid-May, we recommend you select a CLEP test center as your preferred test center during registration and contact that center to schedule your exam.

In addition to eligibility requirements, test takers must meet additional remote proctoring requirements.

For more information, visit the CLEP exams with remote proctoring page.