Are accommodations available for test takers with disabilities or health-related needs when testing via remote proctoring?

CLEP is committed to serving test takers with disabilities and health-related needs by providing services and accommodations that are appropriate given the purpose of the test.

Accommodations available with remote-proctored CLEP exams include:

  • Screen Magnification
  • Modifiable screen colors
  • Extended time
  • Extra/extended/as-needed breaks

Approved accommodations that don’t impact the CLEP testing platform, such as permission for food, drinks, or medication and permission to test blood sugar, can also be used with remote-proctored CLEP exams as long as the test taker stays within view of the proctor.

If other accommodations are needed, test takers must test at a test center.  

When testing with remote proctoring, test takers can request accommodations by submitting a Student Eligibility Form to College Board's Services for Students with Disabilities (SSD). Current high school students should speak with their school's SSD coordinator who can submit an accommodations request through SSD Online. Visit College Board's SSD site for more information on requesting accommodations. Test takers who have not yet been approved for accommodations by College Board can begin the registration process for remote-proctored CLEP exams at any time but won’t be able to add accommodations to their registration until approval is received.