How to Run a CLEP Report

Both schools and districts can use the K–12 score reporting portal to generate reports on students who have taken CLEP exams and their scores.

Create a CLEP Report


  1. Click the Run CLEP Report button in the score reporting portal.

    Once you're logged in to the score reporting portal, go to the black bar at the top and click on the Run CLEP Report button. You'll be taken to the CLEP Reports page.

  2. Select the year you want and click on the yellow Run Report button.

    When you open the CLEP Reports page it will show the Report Type as CLEP Report and the Academic Year as the current school year. If you'd like to view score data for a different academic year, click on Change next to the current school year and then select from the Academic Year drop-down menu. Only the past four academic years will be shown.

  3. View the summary report.

    A high-level summary will appear at the top of the page, which includes the school year, number of CLEP test takers at the school, number of tests taken, total scores above 50, and the percentage of scores above 50.

  4. View the table of student data.

    You'll also see a table of all students who have taken a CLEP exam during that academic year. The table includes each student’s first name, last name, gender, ethnicity, date of birth, grade, AI code, registration ticket number, when they registered, when they tested, test center name, test center code, test center city, exam subject, and score. The table can be sorted by any of the previously mentioned fields.

  5. Export the table, if desired.

    The table can be exported into a .csv file by clicking on the Export button above the table.