Conduct a Validity Study

Admitted Class Evaluation Service™ (ACES™) is a free online service for colleges and universities that analyzes how admitted students will perform at your institution, in general or in specific courses, based on College Board test scores and other predictors or subgroups chosen by the institution.

College Board released the newly redesigned ACES, which lets institutions conduct free, customized validity studies to examine and refine their CLEP credit and placement policies. The studies use student course records and CLEP scores to provide evidence on how your institution’s CLEP policies are performing in awarding students credit, advanced placement, or both.

The redesigned ACES system is modern, offers more capabilities to users, and gives more relevant, useful information back to institutions. Highlights include:

  • a streamlined user interface and sign-on process for users
  • new reports, analyses, and interactive graphs
  • faster report delivery
  • additional features allowing institutions to see the relationship between test scores and key outcomes

Who Can Conduct an ACES Placement Validity Study Using CLEP?

Faculty members and administrators—anyone with access to data on student performance—can request an ACES study. ACES provides information to anyone interested in validating their CLEP credit policies.

You decide which measures to include in your own placement validity study to fit the needs of your institution. Data analysis is provided only to the individual requesting the study.