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College Composition Modular

The following sample questions do not appear on an actual CLEP examination. They are intended to give potential test-takers an indication of the format and difficulty level of the examination and provide content for practice and review. For more sample questions and information about the test, see the CLEP Official Study Guide.

Question 2 of 9

In the following sentence, part of the sentence is underlined. Beneath each sentence you will find five versions of the underlined part. The first option repeats the original; the other four options present different versions.

Choose the option that best expresses the meaning of the original sentence. If you think the original is better than any of the alternatives, choose the first option; otherwise, choose one of the other options. Your choice should produce the most effective sentence—one that is clear and precise, without awkwardness or ambiguity.

Laura Ingalls Wilder published her first book and she was sixty-five years old then.

  • A.

    and she was sixty-five years old then

  • B.

    when she was sixty-five

  • C.

    being age sixty-five years old

  • D.

    upon the reaching of sixty-five years

  • E.

    at the time when she was sixty-five

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