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  • Chang, General Chemistry: The Essential Concepts (McGraw-Hill)
  • Cracolice and Peters, Introductory Chemistry (Cengage)
  • Gilbert et al., Chemistry: The Science in Context (W.W. Norton)
  • Goldberg, Fundamentals of Chemistry (McGraw-Hill)
  • Hill and Kolb, Chemistry for Changing Times (Prentice-Hall)
  • Joesten et al., The World of Chemistry: Essentials (Cengage)
  • Kelter et al., Chemistry: A World of Choices (McGraw-Hill)
  • Moog and Farrell, Chemistry: A Guided Inquiry (Wiley)
  • Snyder, The Extraordinary Chemistry of Ordinary Things (Wiley)
  • Zumdahl and DeCoste, Introductory Chemistry (Cengage)

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