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Share Test Development Process with Faculty

  • Establish CLEP advocates on your campus. Share the benefits of CLEP with faculty and staff in various departments on your campus through an array of free brochures, bulletins, posters, and more. Free CLEP materials can be ordered online.
  • These documents can be found on the CLEP Resource Center and include in-depth information about exam development and specifications.
  • Tell faculty about the ACES™ (Admitted Class Evaluation Services™) Validity Study. This service is free and will allow you to set a passing score based on standards at your institution. Find out more about CLEP and ACES.

Customize and Distribute a CLEP Policy Brochure

You may use our customizable college policy flyer (.pdf/698 KB) to inform students about CLEP. Distribute the brochures through your campus testing office, counseling center, admissions office, and registrar's office.

To customize, use Adobe Acrobat 6.x or later.

To add a logo:

  • Use the following file formats: .jpeg, .gif, or.tiff.
  • Click on “Insert Institution Logo.”
  • Go to "Tools" and “Edit Text & Images”.
  • Click on “Add Image.”
  • Select the image you want to add. You will then be able to resize the image as necessary and place it where you’d like. The blue box surrounding the image will not be visible when printed.
  • Unclick “Outline Text & Images” if a box appears around the logo image.

To print double sided and right side up:

  • Ensure that the printer is set to print on both sides of paper.
  • Make sure it’s set to “flip on short edge.”

Talking to Advisors

  • Talk to advisors regularly about your testing program, your CLEP policy, and how CLEP can help students.

Talking to Admission Staff

  • Urge admissions to use your institution's CLEP policy as a recruiting tool by showing students how CLEP can accelerate degree programs and reduce tuition costs.
  • Propose adding information about your testing program and CLEP credit-granting policy to all freshmen orientation packets. Offer special testing times during orientation.
  • Offer to send CLEP information with admissions representatives when they visit high schools or attend college fairs.
  • Work with admissions to send information about your CLEP program to high school counselors at "feeder" schools.

Talking to Financial Aid Staff

  • Join institutional committees and get on agendas to talk about how your CLEP program benefits the institution and students. Hand out CLEP resources and publications.
  • Talk with the financial aid department about how your CLEP program can boost the financial aid information that they present to students and parents.

Talking to Others on Campus

  • Host a CLEP Open House, an information session for staff, on your campus.