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“The CLEP U.S. History test is the product of collaboration among leading scholars in their field. Students who pass this test have demonstrated a wide-ranging and in-depth knowledge of the American past. The test is rigorous and reflects recent trends in historiography as well as established topics on any college-level U.S. history syllabus.”

Carol Berkin
Professor of History
Baruch College and the Graduate Center

"Success in college often depends on the individual's degree of preparation before starting the course of study. Every course builds on prior experience and knowledge. The Biology CLEP exam is an excellent way to gauge a person's readiness to move ahead and identify those areas of Biology where background preparation now will promote future achievement."

Douglas Ure
Professor of Life Sciences
Chemeketa Community College

“I teach introductory sociology each year, and I am confident that the CLEP Sociology exam reflects the full range of content taught in my college class. I am also an advisor and a department chair, and I strongly believe that students who enter college with credit for the CLEP Sociology exam have the foundation needed to be successful sociology majors.”

Dani A. Smith, Ph.D.
Chair, Department of Behavioral Sciences and Education
Fisk University

“The College Algebra CLEP Exam has the difficult task of evaluating student understanding on a great variety of topics, many of them seemingly unrelated. The questions and structure of the exam ensure that students are fairly tested and that a student who passes this exam is prepared to apply College Algebra topics in subsequent courses in various fields.”

Dr. Donna L. Flint
Professor and Undergraduate Program Coordinator
Department of Mathematics and Statistics
South Dakota State University

“The CLEP exam process is a solid academic and research validated approach to insure that individuals have grasped the basic concepts of a specific subject matter. The exams are developed in concert with content experts. Questions are created, vetted, tested, and reviewed throughout the development process to insure validity and reliability, as well as to insure coverage of the entire scope of the specific subject matter being tested.”

Jeffrey P. Lineman, Ph.D.
Professor of Management
Northwest Nazarene University