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CLEP test centers maintain the integrity of the overall testing process in a professional manner, and they are integral to students having access to CLEP exams.

Each year the College Board recognizes the top 10 international test centers who administer the most CLEP exams. We are proud to work with dedicated and inspiring educators who are committed to promoting access to higher education for all students.

We take this opportunity to commend these test centers of an outstanding job and publically recognize their efforts.

Test Center Country

Umuc Asia - Kadena Afb


Umuc Asia - Osan


Umuc Asia - Yokota


UMUC Europe - Al Dhafra NTC

United Arab Emirates

Umuc Europe - Al Udeid


UMUC Europe - Aviano AB


UMUC Europe - Lakenheath AFB

United Kingdom
Umuc Europe - Muwaffaq Salti Ab Jordan

Umuc Europe - Ramstein Miesenbach


Umuc Europe - Spangdahlem Air Base