Test Development Committees

College faculty is indispensable in the CLEP test development process. Exam development begins with test development committees, comprising three or four faculty members, from two- and four-year institutions, currently teaching relevant undergraduate college courses.

Committee Responsibilities

  • Establish test specifications that determine the content of exams based on feedback from a national curriculum survey of teaching faculty and other data (for example, third-party surveys and catalog searches).
  • Establish a set of skills and knowledge requirements that successful test-takers should be able to demonstrate.
  • Develop and select test questions, reviewing statistical data from previous exams to maintain continuity and validity.
  • Promote appropriate use of the exams among faculty, administrators, and test-takers.
  • Review analyses of candidate responses to proposed new questions (included in the exams as "pretest" questions).
  • Help guide and shape policies governing the use and direction of the exam.
  • Participate in conferences, workshops, and presentations for faculty and administrators.

As part of their participation on the test development committees, members receive training in writing and reviewing psychometrically sound examination questions. Their work is guided by ETS assessment specialists and psychometricians who generate and analyze statistics and data on the exams, maintain databases of items and previous exams, and assist the committee in preparing new test forms (versions).

Becoming a Committee Member

If you’re interested in serving on a test development committee, or if you'd like to recommend someone from your institution, please fill out the test development nomination form.