Test Development

How CLEP Exams Are Developed

All aspects of the CLEP program’s test development process are informed by the conviction that the exams must be rigorous and relevant to their respective disciplines. More than 600 college faculty members from all regions of the U.S. contribute to the development of and standard-setting for CLEP exams. Standing test development committee consists of three or four faculty members, each of whom teaches the relevant course and oversees ongoing test development. This committee reviews and shapes exam questions and specifications on a regular basis.

Educational Testing Service (ETS) is primarily responsible for designing, developing, administering and scoring of all CLEP items. ETS follows a well-documented process that adheres to stringent quality standards. Experienced and trained test writers apply a rigorous methodology to design high-quality, psychometrically sound items and questions.

The process is supported by scientific validation and empirical evidence at every step, from test development through administration and scoring. Hence, CLEP exams undergo two dozen reviews and quality assurance steps before being released for public use.

Test development standards comply with the standards recommended by the American Council of Education (ACE).

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