Developing a CLEP Test Center

CLEP exams are administered at over 1,900 college campuses in the United States and abroad. The exams are taken on computers located within test centers. CLEP test centers may be established with two computers or with 50 — as long as you have a designated room for testing and proctors and your computers meet the iBT (Internet-based testing) Test Delivery Requirements (.pdf/102KB). Learn more about test center requirements. Learn more about test center computer configuration options (.pdf/92KB).

As the link between CLEP and students, test centers perform a vital function by providing access to CLEP exams. Through CLEP students can:

  • Save money
  • Save time
  • Graduate sooner

Benefits for Your Institution

On-campus test centers provide an immediate benefit to an institution, offering a way of attracting potential high-achieving students and a source of revenue. Test centers also function as advocates for CLEP, making students, faculty and other administrators aware of CLEP's value as an educational resource.