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Reimbursement Increase for Fully Funded Test Centers

Starting Oct. 1st, fully funded test centers now receive a $25 reimbursement for each eligible test taker. Previously, the reimbursement was $20.

Rio Salado College, Maricopa Community College District

With both online and hybrid or blended courses, the college helps students prepare for a range of careers in healthcare, education, business, and technical fields and uses CLEP exam credits for prior learning to help students achieve their academic and career goals successfully.

Consistent Outreach, Strategic Management and Supportive Policies Help Students Benefit from CLEP Opportunities

Western Kentucky University administers the largest number of CLEP exams in the state.

A Comparison of CLEP® and Non-CLEP Students with Respect to Postsecondary Outcomes

In December 2013, the College Board released research findings examining whether differences exist between CLEP and non-CLEP students on postsecondary performance outcomes.

Research Study: Graduation Rates Enhanced with CLEP

In April 2011, the Council for Adult and Experiential Learning released research findings on prior learning assessment (PLA) programs like CLEP.