CLEP for Military

Make the Most of Your Education Benefits

The College-Level Examination Program® (CLEP) offers you the opportunity to earn college credit for what you already know by earning qualifying scores on any of 33 introductory-level college subject examinations. Because the exams are funded by the United States government through the Defense Activity for Non Traditional Education Support (DANTES), you could save hundreds, even thousands, of dollars toward your degree.

The 90 to 120-minute exams are administered at over 1,800 colleges across the country and on-base testing centers worldwide. Credits are granted for successful scores at 2,900 colleges and universities.

The CLEP program is proud of its long standing relationship with the DANTES to provide CLEP exams to eligible military service members, spouses and civil service employees.

We are excited to announce that starting Oct. 26, 2016, Air Force civilian employees can take CLEP exams at no cost at U.S. fully-funded and on-base test centers. 

DANTES funds the first attempt of a CLEP exam in each of the 33 subject areas for the following groups:

  • Military personnel (active duty, reserve, National Guard): Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, U.S. Coast Guard, Army Reserve, Air Force Reserve, Marine Corps Reserve, Navy Reserve, Coast Guard Reserve, Army and Air National Guard
  • Spouses and civilian employees of: Air Force Reserve, Army Reserve, Coast Guard (active and reserve); Please note: Spouses and civilian employees of Air National Guard can no longer receive DANTES funding effective October 15, 2014.
  • NEW! Civilian employees of: Air Force; Please note: Air Force civilian employees must test at on-base or fully-funded test centers in order to receive funding for CLEP exams.

The DANTES Eligibility Chart provides information about who can benefit from DANTES funding.CLEP exams for civil service employees, inactive guard or reserve personnel, and spouses and dependents not listed on the chart are not funded through DANTES.

How to Register for CLEP

The CLEP exam registration tutorial for DANTES-funded test-takers will guide you through the CLEP exam registration process, focusing primarily on the My Account portal where you can: purchase exams and study materials 24/7; use DANTES-funding to pay for your exam; identify a test center to take your exam; select a score recipient institution; and enter your personal information in advance to speed up the check-in process on test day. Watch Video. Download Instructions

What You Need to Know

For military personnel, the CLEP experience differs in several ways from the experience of civilian students:

  • You must clearly specify your military status during the My Account process. When purchasing an exam in My Account, you will be asked if you are eligible for DANTES funding in the “Edit Personal Details,” section of the process. Military testers must correctly designate themselves as DANTES funded and answer questions about their military status in order to receive DANTES funding. Questions about My Account should be directed to CLEP Services.
  • You need to request your transcript through military channels. A military transcript will include all scores for CLEP exams (taken after July 1, 1974). To obtain a CLEP transcript, military personnel must download the military transcript order form and mail the completed form to the address on the form, along with a certified check, money order or credit card payment of $30 for each transcript requested, payable to Prometric.
  • You may be able to obtain free study materials. Before you purchase CLEP study materials, check with your installation education center for current information about legitimate and useful prep methods and sources. Military education centers centers have free, reproducible copies of the individual exam guides.
  • You need to bring special ID on test day. When you go to take a CLEP exam, be sure to bring your Geneva Convention Identification Card. Refer to the DANTES Eligibility Chart for additional information on IDs for active duty members, spouses, and civil service civilian employees.

Read the Information for Test-Takers bulletin for more information on CLEP benefits, resources, registration and exam day information.

Fully-Funded Test Centers

The College Board and DANTES have partnered to launch a program with college/university test centers which provides more test locations for DANTES-funded test takers. Through this program, at participating test centers, eligible DANTES-funded test takers attempting a test title for the first time will not only have their exam fee funded by DANTES, but will also have their administrative fee waived. In addition, all on-base military test centers waive the administrative fee for DANTES-funded test-takers.

To find Fully-Funded test centers near you, on the Test Center Search page check the box indicating your wish to only search for Fully-Funded test centers. All centers that appear in your search will have a Fully-Funded tag in the Test Center Type column.

Military Retest Policy

Eligible military candidates who take a CLEP exam can have the $80 exam fee for the first attempt per title funded by DANTES. If a candidate tests at an on-base or base-sponsored test center, he or she does not have to pay the test center administrative fee. Eligible military candidates should contact the test center of their choice to find out if they are responsible for payment of the test center's administrative fee.

DANTES does not pay the exam fee for a previously funded CLEP exam. As of October 17, 2014, if military candidates want to retake an exam previously funded by DANTES, they need to wait three months and pay the $80 exam fee in addition to the administrative fee required by the test center (unless the test center is on base or base-sponsored).