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CLEP exams are computer-based tests that cover intro-level college course material in 34 subjects. More than 2,900 U.S. colleges and universities grant credit to students with qualifying CLEP exam scores and allow them to skip the introductory courses in related subjects.

Michigan schools can provide CLEP to their students by ordering vouchers through the CLEP bulk purchase program. The standard cost for each CLEP exam voucher for the 2019-20 academic year is $89 for non-low-income students and $5 per exam for eligible low-income students due to funding available from the Michigan Department of Education.

CLEP is an awesome opportunity because it can get you ready for college and (get) credits out of the way quickly. The Michigan CLEP funding was a big driving force in getting me to take the exam.

—Ember Sappington, Junior
Ogemaw Heights High School
West Branch, Mich.

Our high school applied to be a CLEP test center to further our goal of a creating a college going culture and providing as many opportunities for students to earn college credit while still in high school. After our first year of CLEP Testing over 70 students earned a total of 210 college credits saving them approximately $110,000 dollars in tuition.

—Jeremy Wright, Principal
Plainwell High School
Plainwell, Mich.

How Schools Participate in CLEP

Starting June 2019, schools can cover the costs of CLEP exams for their students by completing the new CLEP Bulk Purchase online order form.

To place an order:

  1. The person responsible for ordering your school's test materials will need to log in to the CLEP Resource Center. If they've never logged in to the Resource Center, they can request access by emailing [email protected]. Please insert "CLEP Resource Center for Bulk Purchase" in the subject line, and include a contact name, institution, title, and email address in the body of the email.
  2. Once logged in, click on Forms and select Bulk Purchase Order Form from the dropdown list. When completing the form, make sure to confirm you're a Michigan high school.
  3. After you complete and submit the form, you'll receive an order confirmation email which will include your order reference number.
  4. After your order is reviewed and processed, you'll receive another email with a link to download your voucher codes (link expires in 7 days).

For additional ordering details, download the 2019-20 Online Order Instructions.

Important notes:

All Michigan students must register for exams online and should use the voucher code in lieu of payment. Low-income students must use a voucher code when they register to get the benefit of the reduced-price exams. Learn more about how students register.

We'll bill schools twice a year for tests taken with a voucher: once in January and once in July.

We recommend ordering at least 20% more vouchers than you think you'll need. Schools pay only for the tests taken with a voucher, and there's no penalty for overordering.

Who Qualifies for Reduced-Fee Exams?

In general, any Michigan student who's eligible for free or reduced-price lunch through the National School Lunch Program is also eligible for a reduced-price CLEP voucher.

Offer CLEP to Your Students

Although students can test at any official CLEP test center, they may perform better if they test in a familiar setting. If your school would like to administer CLEP to your students, apply to become a CLEP test center. Learn more.

More About CLEP

To find out which colleges grant credit for CLEP, see a list of exam subjects, and get more details about the program, visit the CLEP homepage.