Internet-Based Testing

Improve Your Testing Experience with Internet-Based Testing (iBT)

To improve the testing experience for institutions and test-takers, CLEP exams are now administered on the Internet-based testing (iBT) platform. Test-takers can register for any of the 33 CLEP exams, purchase study materials, create a profile and manage information all in one place through the My Account registration portal. iBT automatically integrates all pertinent information about the test session with My Account, allowing test-takers to begin to test quicker.

Some of the benefits of Internet-based testing include:

  • Sophisticated testing platform with contemporary design
  • Stable performance with reduced software challenges
  • Simplified Test Center Administrator check-in process
  • Reduced time for administrative activities on test day
  • Test platform that is integrated with the CLEP website

Additional information can be found on General and Technical FAQ pages.