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Introductory Sociology

Read the Introductory Sociology exam description.

As you read sociology textbooks, take notes that address the following issues, which are fundamental to most questions that appear on the test:

  • What is society? What is culture? What is common to all societies, and what is characteristic of American society?
  • What are other basic concepts in sociology that help to describe human nature, human interaction and the collective behavior of groups, organizations, institutions and societies?
  • What methods do sociologists use to study, describe, analyze and observe human behavior?


  • Alexander and Thompson, A Contemporary Introduction to Sociology: Culture and Society in Transition (Paradigm)
  • Andersen and Taylor, Sociology: The Essentials (Wadsworth)
  • Brinkerhoff et al., Essentials of Sociology (Wadsworth)
  • Brym and Lie, Sociology: Your Compass for a New World, Brief Edition (Wadsworth)
  • Curry et al., Sociology for the Twenty-First Century (Prentice Hall)
  • Ferris and Stein, The Real World: An Introduction to Sociology (W. W. Norton)
  • Giddens et al., Essentials of Sociology (W.W. Norton)
  • Henslin, Essentials of Sociology (Allyn & Bacon)
  • Hughes and Kroehler, Sociology: The Core (McGraw-Hill)
  • Macionis, Society: The Basics (Prentice Hall)
  • Newman and O'Brien, Sociology: Exploring the Architecture of Everyday Life (Pine Forge)
  • Schaefer, Sociology: A Brief Introduction (McGraw-Hill)
  • Stark, Sociology (Wadsworth)
  • Sullivan, Introduction to Social Problems (Allyn & Bacon)
  • Thompson and Hickey, Society in Focus: An Introduction to Sociology (Allyn & Bacon)
  • Tischler, Introduction to Sociology (Wadsworth)
  • Witt, SOC (McGraw-Hill)

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