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Social Sciences and History

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Question 4 of 9

Researchers notice that the incidence of birth defects in a particular region has increased in the previous decade. Upon investigation, they find that a new chemical plant has begun operating nearby in the past few years. In evaluating the possibility of a link between the plant and the increase in birth defects, which of the following pieces of information would be LEAST helpful?

  • A.

    Whether the date the plant opened was before or after the incidence of birth defects increased

  • B.

    The family histories of the children in whom birth defects were noted

  • C.

    Any changes in incidence of birth defects in nearby regions

  • D.

    Whether similar increases in birth defects occurred near similar chemical plants in other regions

  • E.

    The severity of the birth defects and their impact on the quality of life of those affected by them

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