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Introductory Business Law

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Ed lives in Maine, a state that has a so-called merchant protection statute (or shopkeeper's privilege). One day Ed goes to the grocery store to shoplift some steaks for dinner. The owner of the grocery store catches Ed red-handed in the act of shoplifting. He and an employee gently restrain Ed in the back room, feeding him gourmet food and wine until the local sheriff finally shows up three days later. If Ed sues the grocer for the tort of false imprisonment, he will win if he can prove that

  • A.

    he did not intend to steal the steaks

  • B.

    the gourmet food that he was fed was poorly prepared

  • C.

    the grocer had no authority from the sheriff to hold him

  • D.

    the grocer detained him for a reasonable time after reasonably suspecting him of shoplifting

  • E.

    the grocer detained him for an unreasonable time after reasonably suspecting him of shoplifting

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