ACE Credit Recommendations

ACE, B-Level and C-Level Credit-Granting Scores for CLEP Exams

The scores and semester hours that appear in this table are the credit-granting scores and semester hours recommended by the American Council on Education (ACE). They are equivalent to a grade of C in the corresponding course.

The American Council on Education (ACE) recommends a credit-granting score of 50 for each CLEP exam. This is a scaled score, equivalent to earning a C in the relevant course; the corresponding raw score is determined after the panel of college faculty who teach the equivalent course perform a detailed and rigorous review of exam content. The review needs to be approved by the test development committee that oversees each CLEP exam.

In addition to determining the recommended credit-granting score of 50, college faculty members also recommend a scaled score that is equivalent to a grade of B. While ACE has not endorsed this B score, it is useful to those schools that print grade equivalents for CLEP exams on student transcripts, or those specialized programs that require a minimum grade of B on all transferred credit.

* For each of the world languages, there is only one exam covering both Level 1 and 2 content. ACE recommends 6 semester hours of credit for mastery of Level 1 content (a score of 50) and 9 semester hours of credit for mastery of both Levels 1 and 2 (a score of 59 on French Language, 60 on German Language, and 63 on Spanish Language).

ACE Recommendations
Exam TitleCredit-Granting
Score (C-Level)
Financial Accounting50365
Information Systems50366
Introductory Business Law50360
Principles of Management50363
Principles of Marketing50365
Composition & Literature
American Literature50353
Analyzing and Interpreting Literature50359
College Composition50659
College Composition Modular50360
English Literature50362
History & Social Sciences
American Government50363
History of the United States I50356
History of the United States II50357
Human Growth and Development50358
Introduction to Educational Psychology50362
Introductory Psychology50359
Introductory Sociology50356
Principles of Macroeconomics50362
Principles of Microeconomics50364
Social Sciences and History50662
Western Civilization I50355
Western Civilization II50354
Science & Mathematics
College Algebra50363
College Mathematics50657
Natural Sciences50662
World Languages*
French Language
Level 1 Proficiency
French Language
Level 2 Proficiency
German Language
Level 1 Proficiency
German Language
Level 2 Proficiency
Spanish Language
Level 1 Proficiency
Spanish Language
Level 2 Proficiency