Countdown to eCBT Sunset: What you need to know

The transition of all CLEP test centers to the internet-based testing (iBT) platform continues and is scheduled to be completed as planned in May.  The eCBT platform will be sunset on May 31, 2014.  Test centers will be unable to deliver eCBT exams and test results will no longer be processed after that date.

It is essential for all test centers, those who have migrated to iBT, those migrating post-eCBT sunset, as well as those who have decided to stop administering CLEP, to perform the end-of-day process on all TDMS servers by the May 31st deadline.  This will ensure that all remaining eCBT test results will be successfully returned to CLEP for processing.  After this last end-of day procedure is performed, test centers are required to uninstall the eCBT software from all TDMS servers and destroy the CD.

The CLEP team has been and will continue to send out email reminders to reinforce this message.

If you have any questions or would like to schedule a migration appointment, please contact CLEP Technical Support at