CLEP's Migration to iBT

CLEP Announces its Migration to Internet-Based Testing Platform

CLEP will begin transitioning its 33 exams from the existing computer-based testing (eCBT) system to a more stable, convenient and accessible online platform (iBT). The implementation of iBT at more than 1,800 test centers will take place in phases, with all CLEP test centers projected to be fully compatible by early 2014.


"This transition is a major step forward for the CLEP program," said Steven Titan, vice president of CLEP and ACCUPLACER®. "By moving to iBT we will help even more students across the country achieve their college goals in an easy, accessible and streamlined way."


The implementation of iBT will be integrated with the CLEP testing and registration experience for test center administrators and students, saving everyone involved considerable time and effort. Student registration information will be collected and processed online via the new "My Account" feature, which will be integrated into the CLEP website. When fully implemented, "My Account" will enable students to manage many tasks online, including on-demand registration, finding the nearest CLEP test center and scheduling an appointment, updating registration information prior to test day, accessing test center and score recipient information, and purchasing study materials.


CLEP's migration to the iBT platform will also simplify the registration and testing process for test center administrators by eliminating many of the manual data input processes required by the current system. Test center administrators will be able to automatically download all pertinent information about a testing session, thus reducing administrative activities on test day and enabling students to begin testing immediately upon arrival at the test center.


Over the 18-month transition period, in collaboration with Educational Testing Service (ETS), CLEP will deliver materials, communications, webinars and professional development trainings to institutions and students to achieve a seamless migration and successful implementation of iBT.


For detailed information on CLEP's transition to iBT, including benefits, process changes, technical requirements, FAQs, timelines and more, please visit the internet-based testing site.