California Homeschool Convention – Long Beach, CA

CLEP recognizes the wonderful work that parents are doing to prepare their child for college success.  CLEP will participate in five regional Homeschool Conventions this year.  The California Homeschool Convention will take place in Long Beach, CA from May 24th through May 26th.  

Session Title: Design a Home-school College Dual Enrollment Program for your Child:  Save time and Money!

Session Description:

This presentation will show you how to set up your child’s high school schedule to earn both high school and college credits while meeting any state high school requirements.  You will learn how to create a home-school dual enrollment college program mainly utilizing CLEP exams.  CLEP, officially administered by The College Board, consists of 33 exams in five different discipline areas from College Algebra to US History to Spanish. This session will include an overview of the CLEP program, to help participants gain a better understanding of how it measures a student’s prior learning and translates that into college credit. This presentation is designed for students and parents from middle school through high school, as well as college level students.  This process can be utilized by anyone not just the children - parents can also get college degrees alongside their children.  Come learn about the many benefits of the CLEP program!