CAEL International Conference – Washington, DC


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CLEP will feature important sessions at the 2012 CAEL International Conference, which will take place from November 7th through November 9th in Washington, DC. This conference caters primary to professionals, specifically faculty, representing an adult-learner focus on Prior Learning Assessments.

Session Title: PLA Credits – A Perfect Way to Welcome Home Returning Military

Session Description:
The CLEP program is proud of its long-standing service with veterans and active-duty military personnel in partnership with DANTES. We encourage colleges and universities to join the CLEP program in promoting the economic and educational benefits of CLEP exams that help veterans and active duty military achieve their educational goals. This presentation will include information about the funded program, identifying candidates for CLEP, eliminating artificial barriers in your CLEP policy, and assisting your institution in formulating military-friendly CLEP acceptance policies.

This session will be held on Thursday, November 8th at 2:00 PM

Session Title: Developing a State-wide CLEP Policy

Session Description:
State-wide CLEP credit-award policies have been very beneficial in terms of student program planning, facilitation of transfer, and cost savings to both students and states but very few states have comprehensive CLEP policies. This presentation will recount the processes used in two different states to achieve effective, state-wide CLEP policies. One state had a legislative mandate to develop a policy and one state did not. Both states had to gain consensus from faculty and administration. This session will share successful strategies for developing a comprehensive state-wide CLEP policy.

This session will be held on Friday, November 9th