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Save 50% on Your Next CLEP Exam

Take an exam Jan. 1, 2020-Nov. 30, 2020 and receive 50% off another CLEP exam when you sign up Sept. 1, 2020-Nov. 30, 2020.

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CLEP Exams

Explore the variety of credit-granting exams that CLEP offers.

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Earn College Credit

Earning college credit with CLEP exams can help you afford and complete college.

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About CLEP

Learn more about how exams are structured, test development, scoring, and more.

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Develop Your CLEP Program

Learn how to develop a CLEP program for your institution.

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Learn who is eligible for DANTES-Funded CLEP Exams.

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Understand what calculations are performed to reach the total score you see on your score report.

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Student brochure to promote CLEP on your college campus.

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CLEP helps students increase the likelihood of degree persistence and completion.

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